Check out these links that will help crystallize your thinking on the problems and opportunities you may face:

1. Value-Based Payment Strategies: Comparison of Two Approaches to Combining P4P with Gainsharing.

This hospital research report for the Leapfrog Group explores the impact of gainsharing and different pay-for-performance structures on the financial benefits to hospitals, physicians, and payers. CLICK HERE.

2. Improving Clinical Quality And Sharing The Benefits With Your Physicians Through Legally Permissible Clinical Gain Sharing Methods (patent pending)

This presentation for the Leapfrog Group, Clinical Gain Sharing To Improve Clinical and Financial Outcomes, overviews the methods that innovative hospital managers and participating physicians are using to simultaneously produce better clinical outcomes for patients, reduce related resource consumption patterns, and legally share the cost savings between the hospital and the physicians. CLICK HERE.

3. Combining Pay for Performance with Gain Sharing Can Lower the Cost of Healthcare Premiums and Improve Patient Care While Improving the Financial Performance of Physicians and Hospitals.

This article, published by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Combining Pay for Performance with Gainsharing, lays out the critical success factors for designing programs that simultaneously produce better clinical outcomes, greater affordability and higher profitability. CLICK HERE.

This web cast for the American College of Physician Executives, How Combining Pay for Performance with Gain Sharing Can Align Purchaser and Provider Incentives, summarizes the state of the art for each of these concepts, shows how they can be combined synergistically, and describes practical ways to integrate the design and implementation of these concepts to create win-win-win results for patients, purchasers, physicians and hospitals. CLICK HERE.

4. Balanced Scorecard Approach To Strategic Planning

This graphic depicts the ways in which the CEO and his/her management team can lay out a clear vision of how they plan to create additional value, specify measurable performance improvement targets for the hospital, and balance the timing of investments and operating cash flow to assure timely access to capital. CLICK HERE.

5. Analysis Of Profit And Loss By Product Line And Payer Contract

These charts analyze the profitability of this hospital's HMO, PPO and other contracts with the objective of taking initiatives in particular subspecialties to increase total payments and the bottom line. CLICK HERE.

6. Growing The Hospital's Top and Bottom Lines

This graphic lays out six major kinds of opportunities and 35 related strategic/financial initiatives that can improve financial performance and market positioning. CLICK HERE.


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