Reynolds & Company provides a wide variety of services with particular emphasis in the following areas:

Our professionals can help you build a solid foundation for short-and long-term decision making on both levels. We'll help you:

  • explore businesses you should own or have alliances with (for example, clinical centers of excellence, physician groups, continuing care)
  • determine your consumers', buyers', and insurers' priorities and preferences in making healthcare decisions
  • prepare for impending regulatory or contracting changes which could radically affect competitive practices or payment rates
  • balance profit goals and investments among your businesses to maintain corporate financial stability
  • organize to motivate managers and physicians to make decisions that will be beneficial across your entire enterprise

Reynolds & Company can help your hospital/system develop a strong financial and capital strategy. We'll show you how to:

  • estimate potential gaps in your businesses' financial performance over the next five years and identify tactics to reposition those businesses for financial success
  • benchmark your organization against local, regional and national peers on key profitability and operating ratios
  • customize our financial models to your hospital/system's situation to assess the financial impact of alternative product line or business unit strategies
  • evaluate risk factors of specific events (pricing, contracting, staffing)
  • strategically budget and restructure capital plans

We'll work with you to position your clinical product lines in the marketplace by helping you identify:

  • clinical subspecialties which present the best opportunities for differentiating your organization in the marketplace, and your resources for building in that area
  • specific care models, technologies and reimbursement rates to help you best meet market and community needs and produce profitable volume
  • ways to align the professional and financial interests of subspecialty physicians with yours
  • promotion and branding strategies to increase awareness of your capabilities

We often create mutually beneficial physician and hospital alignments by:

  • restructuring or spinning-off owned practices to realign risk/reward sharing and maintain referral patterns
  • restructuring PHOs/MSOs to negotiate better contracts while injecting additional capital into physician practices and supporting them administratively
  • instituting hospitalist arrangements that benefit office-based physicians
  • contracting with physicians in part-time medical director (or other) roles to perform care management in the hospital
  • engaging in equitable Pay For Performance contracts with HMOs and Clinical Gain Sharing management among providers to gain beneficial results for all participants

Our professionals can help you:

  • identify, plan and implement operational improvements and savings
  • renegotiate contracts with physicians and MCOs
  • perform financial modeling and strategic financial planning
  • create tactical plans for accelerating cash flow
  • develop strategies for increasing market share and service volumes
  • review management and organizational structure to streamline decision making

Whether you're in a strong position and looking to build leadership in market share, or are financially weak and looking for a partner to preserve your strengths and service to the community, Reynolds and Company can help you evaluate/negotiate:

  • the fit of corporate cultures, including religious doctrine if relevant
  • the logic and consistency of the business concept/plan within the context of your marketplace
  • proposed corporate form, governance, management structure, etc. and implementation plans
  • whether financial projections demonstrate sufficient market positioning and financial performance benefits for all parties
  • concerns and issues of key constituencies and how to gain their support in the deal points
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